Key Focus Areas

Software Development

Building state-of-the-art and well studied and designed softwares that meet customer requirements.

Tech Infrastructure

Building and hosting cloud services, building and managing state of the art data-centers and internet infrastructure and services provision

Hi-Tech Solutions

Allenatech has unrivalled technical expertise and works closely in partnership with customers to ensure that service management solutions increase productivity, drive efficiency gains and maximize profits.


Allenatech will have an academy that will serve as the source of talent and inspiration.

Our Solutions/ Products


Strives towards achieving a paperless and efficient government. The system automates:
* Human Resources Management,
* Service Provision Platform (Case Management),
* Inventory Management,
* Maintenance Management,
* Project Management,
* Finance and Accounting Management, and
* Planning and Evaluation functions.

Payment System

A secure, reliable and intuitive payment solution for private and public organizations. It has the following features
* Donations/Membership fees
* Utility Bills Payment
* School Fee Payment
* International payments
* Transport/Event Ticketing
* Market Place (Goods ecom)
* Delivery/Trucking network management framework
* Airtime to pup
* QR Merchant payment acceptance

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

A patient focused medical record that enables citizens to have full knowledge and control of their well-being. The system gives health professionals access to patient information, history and analysis. Besides, it provides analytics for policy makers guiding them in making better and informed decisions. Our EMR provides the following services:
* EMR-MRU (medical record unit)
* OPD (outpatient department)
* Laboratory
* Pharmacy
* Finance